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My Story

Petal Murti, R.Psych

Throughout my time working with diverse backgrounds and life journeys I have found that the greatest inspiration to the human spirit is validation of one’s story and the uniqueness of that journey. The idea is to empower those to a balanced integrative path.


I am a registered Psychologist in the province of Alberta with experience and background working with children, adolescents and adults. I registered as a Psychologist in 2012 but have been working in mental health with youth and adults for over 20 years. I work with individuals from a variety of cultural/ethnic, sexual, and spiritual identity backgrounds.

As a registered psychologist my goals have been to assist and guide healing to help my client's live more enriched self-congruent lives. I have learned that our vulnerability is our strength when it is held with care and we are then empowered to be resilient.

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